K1TRB: Tom Berger 

  I have been homebrewing since 1951 when I built a Cub Scout crystal set. I was first licensed in 1956 as KN6REV, then K6REV, W0LWA, and finally K1TRB.

 Waterville Area Wireless Association 

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        Club Projects        

  I am project coordinator for our club.

Dummy Load RFL-100
Diode RF Probe
Interface SC-2
Talk: Choke Baluns

 My Projects 

   I am interested in electronics from the design phase all the way through building and using the project.  Documentation of my projects is variable.  The documentation is in pdf so it is easy to download and save.

 Wallin Jig II 
 Stereo Audio Amplifier 
 Stereo 40db Preamplifier 
 LC Audio Filter 
 4 Xtal 3KHz Filter 
 Transmit/Receive Switch 
 LED SWR Bridge 
 20m Whip Antenna 
 Yana: Yet Another Network Analyzer 
 Yana: Parts List 
 Yana: Build Instructions 
 Yana: Programming 
 Yana: Calibration 
 Yana: C Sketch 

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