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Clásulas con SI con el futuro
If Clauses With the Future

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Use the future and the present tense to speculate about POSSIBLE situations. Remember that the verb in the si clase is in the present tense. Translations are included to help with recognition of this grammatical pattern.

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1. If I bring a map I will look for the castle of Mombeltran.
Si yo (traer) un mapa (buscar) el castillo.

2. You will see horreos if you travel through Galicia.
Tú (ver) hórreos si (viajar) por Galicia.

3. If we are in Santiago de Compostela there will be pilgrims.
Si (estar) en Santiago (haber) peregrinos.

4. If he goes to Galicia he will be able to hear bagpipes.
Si (ir) a Galicia (poder) escuchar las gaitas.

5. He will find huge billboards of this famous bull if he drives through Spain.
Él (encontrar) este toro si (conducir) por España.

6. If you want we will visit the Museum of Mankind in La Coruña.
Si tú (querer) (visitar) el Museo del Hombre.


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