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Clásulas con SI con el imperfecto
If Clauses With the Imperfect

Use the correct button at the end of the exercise to see the correct answer which appears first and is followed by any "incorrect answer." Answer all questions to get a score.

Use two verbs in the imperfect to speculate about POSSIBLE situations in the past. Translations are included to help with recognition of this grammatical pattern.

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1. What did you used to do if you spent your vacation in Madrid?
¿Qué (hacer) Uds. si (pasar) sus vacaciones en Madrid?

2. If Ana was in Madrid she used to go to the Café de Chinitas for a flamenco performance.
Si Ana (estar) en Madrid (ir) a un tablao.

3. I used to see el Oso y el Madroño if I walked around La Puerta del Sol in Madrid.
Yo (ver) el Oso y el Madroño si (pasear) por La Puerta del Sol en Madrid.

4. My friens and I used to meet at the Plaza Mayor if we wanted to go out at night.
Mis amigos y yo nos (encontrar) en la Plaza Mayor si (querer) salir por la noche .

5. If it was a Sunday afternoon we used to like to go Las Ventas for a bullfight.
Si (ser) un domingo por la tarde nos (gusta) ir a Las Ventas para una corrida.

6. Sometimes I used to buy damascene art in Toledo if I needed a gift for a friend.
A veces yo (comprar) arte damasquinado en Toledo si (necesitar) el un regalo para un amigo.