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Clásulas con SI con mandatos
If Clauses With Commands

Use the correct button at the end of the exercise to see the correct answer which appears first and is followed by any "incorrect answer." Answer all questions to get a score.

Use tú (informal) commands and the present tense to speculate about POSSIBLE situations. Rember that the verb in the si clase is in the present tense. Translations are included to help with recognition of this grammatical pattern.

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1. If you go to a bullfight, sit in the shade!
Si tú (ir) a una corrida de toros, (sentarse) en la sombra.

2. Elena, take a picture if you see a Roman road in Spain!
Elena, ¡(sacar tú) una foto si tú (ver) un camino romano en España!

3. If you want to eat something typical in Galicia try tripe.
Si tú (querer) comer algo típico en Galicia (probar tú) tripa.

4. If today is the Day of the Dead, visit the cemetery.
Si hoy (ser) el Día de los Muertos, (visitar tú) el cementerio.

5. If you are very thirsty, drink a tonic!
Si tú (tener) muchísima sed (tomar) un refresco.

6. Ana, make your plane reservation on-line with Iberia if you can.
Ana, (hacer tú) tu reserva on-line con Iberia si (poder) .