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This page collects some links to stuff I wrote that is available online. I've also written lots of book reviews, especially for the MAA Reviews (of which I am the editor); those are not listed here.

Research and Expository

  • Was Cantor Surprised?, appeared in the March 2011 issue of the American Mathematical Monthly.

  • To celebrate Mathematics Awareness Month 2008, I gave a talk at Colby on Mathematics and Voting. The notes and slides are here.

  • Final form (January 2001) of Where the Slopes Are, a report on computations about the distribution of the p-adic slopes of the U operator. This paper has now appeared in the Journal of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society — see my publications list for the exact reference.

    Tables containing the results of the slope computations are also online.

  • Long ago I worked with Shai Simonson on a short article on How to Read Mathematics. The article will become part of Shai's forthcoming book, Rediscovering Mathematics (MAA). It was also reprinted in the October 2010 issue of Hacker Monthly.

    General Public

    Some time back the Los Angeles Times asked me to write an op-ed piece on mathematics. Specifically, they wanted to know why mathematicians bothered with such things as finding large Mersenne primes. The resulting short article appeared in the LA Times and in several other papers. You can read it here. Most of the feedback I got was from other mathematicians, so I'm not sure whether this actually was of any interest to the mythical "general public."

    Course Materials

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