Here are some lecture notes and supplementary materials for various other projects I've been involved with. If you are a currently a student of mine, you should look for the current lecture notes on the course homepage, as the notes change each time I offer the class. If you find these notes useful, please let me know. Thanks!

  1. Maggy Tomova and I organized The Thin Manifold: a conference on knots and 3-manifolds. The conference poster was designed by Colby student Ben Lester.

  2. Annotated Bibliography for "Exceptional Surgeries and Bridge Distance". This is a list of sources relevant to the study of the bridge distance of knots having exceptional surgeries. It is meant to supplement the mincourse I a gave on this topic at the School for Knot Theory and 3-manifolds at CIMAT on Dec. 17-20, 2012.

  3. Introduction to Sutured Manifolds. These are the notes from a talk I gave in the University of Iowa Math Department Seminar. They are aimed at faculty and graduate students.

  4. Problem List from 2011 AMS Spring Central Sectional Meeting

  5. Vector Calculus. These are lecture notes from my Vector Calculus class. We use Susan Colley's excellent vector calculus text and the notes are intended to be read alongside her text. They cover parameterization of curves and surfaces, vector fields, Green's theorem, Stokes' theorem, and the divergence theorem. The course often includes a little about cohomology theory, but that is not at present in these notes.

  6. Symmetry and Group Theory. These lectures constituted slightly less than half of the course MA 111: Mathematics as a Liberal Art. The course was populated mostly by humanities majors.