Linda Tatelbaum

Youthful "back-to-landers" came streaming into Maine and other rural places in the l970s committed to simpler living. Meanwhile American society roared ahead into the lifestyle they'd rejected. Decades later, their alternative vision has become chic and their stories inspire individual action. Appleton author Linda Tatelbaum and her husband came to Maine in l977 to build a solar homestyead where they still live and grow their own food. "Woman Who Speaks Tree: Confessions of a Tree-Hugger" traces their comic and arduous journey and records the ripening of a generation.Tatelbaum holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University and recently retired from teaching English and environmental studies at Colby. (Kennebec Journal, October 2008)

Click here to listen to an interview of Linda Tatelbaum on this book.

Transcript and additional audio files may be found at Living on Earth: Woman Who Speaks Tree.

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Woman Who Speaks Tree: Confessions of a Tree Hugger

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