Genius Envy: Women Shaping French Poetic History, 1801-1900, monograph in final stage of review with leading university press

Poets as Readers in Nineteenth-Century France: Critical Reflections, volume co-edited and introduced with Joseph Acquisto and Catherine Witt

Book Chapter:
“On the Edge of Literary Circles: Belated Thoughts on Poetic Work(s) from Malvina Blanchecotte and Louise Ackermann,” in Poets as Readers in Nineteenth-Century France.

Book Review:

Aimée Israel-Pelletier, Rimbaud’s Impressionist Poetics: Vision and Visuality, Cardiff: U of Wales P, 2012, Pp. 201. (Forthcoming with Nineteenth-Century French Studies; invited)

Conference Paper:

“Thresholds of Debt in Nineteenth-Century France,” Co-organizer of conference session accepted for the upcoming Nineteenth-Century French Studies Colloquium, October 2013.

“A Debt to Pay: Malvina Blanchecotte, Worker and Poet,” Nineteenth-Century French Studies, October 2013.

Dictionary Entries:
"Louise Ackermann," "Malvina Blanchecotte," "Anaïs Ségalas," "Louisa Siefert," "Mélanie Waldor." Dictionnaire des femmes créatrices, ed. Antoinette Fouque, (forthcoming with Les Editions des femmes, 2013).

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