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    I.  Behind a noun:

    II.  Behind a verb: 
    III.  Behind an adjective:
It usually replaces (except for special emphasis)、.  When it does not replace , follows it.
        ピカソ見ました。I saw Picasso, too.

It may appear with particles such as までから.  When it appears with these particles, だけ follows them.
        おすしは、メイン州食べられます。  We can eat sushi in Maine, too.

immediately follows the word which is added to a list.
        スジーゴルフをした。  Suzine (as well as other people) also played tennis.

connects nouns.  In order to connect verbs and adjectives with , the verbs and adjectives must be nominalized with .
        安い高いある。We have both cheap and expensive varieties.
            I'm for watching movies as well as swimming.

noun + does not appear in a sentence in which noun + or already exists.  So, "I am a doctor and also a scholar" will be:

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