Randall Downer's Colby Home !

how do I?

Request a personal web page space?

Setup Thunderbird for Colby email?

Change OSX default shell?
If a local user on the Mac: Applications->Utilities->netinfo->users->username find the user you want to alters shell, change and save.
(in 10.5 faster to do sudo dscl . -create /Users/username UserShell /bin/tcsh)
However, to accomplish this if you login to the colby domain on your mac, as an administrator (sudo) you will need to edit
/Library/Preferences/DirectoryService/ActiveDirectory.plist and change the line
Now, go back and do the local user solution above as an admin.

Xsession off of a colby machine, when your off campus?
ssh -Y colby0.colby.edu, then ssh -X machinewithX, from within an X session on your Mac.

Use Colby's VPN? Here is a work in progress pdf that will get you going. Change the ip address to vpn.colby.edu for better dynamic configuration.

Install an Xserver on my Windows box? Install Cygwin X. Make sure that you install your favorite shell and ssh!.
Another Xserver on windows is Xming
Redirect a page from the colby server to wiki.colby.edu?
Look at the source of redirect.html


Click for South China, Maine Forecast

Here is a link to my way of watching the Panama Canal.
Or a map of shipping of Point O Woods NY.
and here is shipping off of Rockport Maine.