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El subjuntivo con verbos de influencia
Subjunctive with Verbs of Influence, Exercise 4

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Use a verb of influence in the present INDICATIVE to trigger the SUBJUNCTIVE mood in the dependent clause.

aconsejar to advise
decir to tell
insistir en to insist
mandar to order
pedir to ask
permitir to allow
preferir to prefer
prohibir to prohibit, forbid
querer to want
recomendar to recommend
rogar to beg
sugerir to suggest

1. I want you to listen to this song!
Yo quiero que tú (escuchar) esta canción

2. They beg me to bring my guitar.
Ellos que (traer) mi guitarra.

3. Luis orders us to look for it.
Luis que lo (buscar).

4. She insists that I go to the concert.
Ella en que yo (ir) al concierto.

5. She advises me to know the lyrics
Ella que yo (saber) la letra.

6. Julio forbids her to drive his car.
Julio que (conducir) su coche.

7. You suggest to them that they get dressed.
Ud. que (vestirse).

8. I prefer that they play outside.
Yo que (jugar) afuera.

9. They ask me to go away.
Ellos que yo (irse).

10. My teachers recommend that we see it.
Mis profesores que lo (ver).

11. She tells Ana to come.
Ella a Ana que (venir).

12. We need you to do that.
Nosotros que tú eso.