Sobre el artista

I am very grateful to Mexican artist, Victor Cauduro Rojas, for generously giving me permision to feature his paintings in The Millennium Series: Celebrating Stewardship in this study module.
"Victor Cauduro Rojas was born in 1962 in Mexico City and currently lives in Queretero, Mexico. Cauduro Rojas is inspired by the tableau of his past and the natural world in which he makes his home: windblown sand dunes, life-giving waters of the golfo de California, and teeming urban streets. His appreciation and strong commitment to the natural world inspired the Millenium Series." (taken from his biography)

The 19 paintings in "The Millennium Series" depict the struggle between the natural world and human existence. Through education, conservation, personal commitment, and cooperation we have the ability to make a difference. How will each of us respond to environmental challenges? What will our legacy be to future generations?

E-mail Victor Cauduro Rojas with your comments and visit his new website.

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