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Los artículos definidos e indefinidos con cognados
Definite and Indefinite Articles With Cognates

Fill in each blank with the indicated definite or indefinite article. Use the correct button to see the correct answer which appears first and is followed by any *incorrect annswer.*
¡Ojo! There are irregular nouns in this activity. Review gender of nouns and articles.

1. a hipopótamo
2. the vitaminas
3. some mosquitos
4. the submarino
5. a ambulancia
6. the gorila
7. the monstruos
8. some hamburguesas
9. a telescopio
10. the problema
11. the naciones
12. a banjo
13. some helicópteros
14. the electricidad
15. the pingüino
16. a planeta
17. the televisiones
18. some iguanas
19. a mapa
20. the cámara
21. some telegramas
22. the personalidad
23. a teléfono
24. the vampiros
25. the pasión

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