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Pronombres de complemento indirecto
Indirect Object Pronouns

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Complete the sentence with the correct IO pronoun and the present tense.

alquilar to rent
dar to give
decir to say, to tell
enseñar to teach
hacer to do, make
leer to read
mandar to send
pedir to ask for, order
prestar to loan
repetir to repeat
servir to serve
traer to bring

1. Julio gives me a kiss.
Julio un beso.

2. I read the book to Isabel.
Yo el libro a Isabel.

3. Alejandro brings them balloons.
Alejandro globos.

4. I loan you (fam.) my shirt.
Yo mi camisa.

5. They serve her more shrimp.
Ellos más gambas.

6. You teach us a lot of verbs.
Ud. muchos verbos.

7. Antonio orders guacamole for me.
Antonio guacamole.

8. We tell you (pl.) the rules.
Nosotros las reglas.

9. Who makes churros for you (fam.)?
¿Quién churros?

10. Nobody sends Lola cookies.
Nadie galletas a Lola.

11. I rent my condo to him.
Yo mi condominio.

12. He repeats the gossip to Maga.
Él los chismes a Maga.