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Pronombres de complementos directos
Direct Object Pronouns, exercise II

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Replace the direct object noun with a direct object pronoun.

abrazar to hug
besar to kiss
buscar to look for
conocer to know
creer to believe
criticar to criticize
entender to understand
esperar to wait for
invitar to invite
llamar to call
mirar to look at
necesitar to need
oír to hear
querer to love
ver to see
visitar to visit

1. I understand him. Yo .
2. He kisses her. Él .
3. They invite us. Ellos .
4. I see them (m). Yo .
5. Paco loves her. Paco .
6. I need you (fam). Yo .
7. He looks for them (f). Él .
8. They visit us. Ellos .
9. Who knows her? ¿Quién ?
10. Nobody calls him. Nadie .
11. You believe me. Uds. .
12. I wait for you (pl). Yo .
13. She criticizes us. Ella .
14. I look at him and her. Yo .
15. They hug you (fam). Ellos .
16. I don't hear him. Yo no .

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