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Sadoff, English 353


Class 1
Sept. 3RD

Introduction and History
Carson McCullers, "The Jockey" (handout)

Class 2
Sept. 8

Hawthorne, "The Birthmark," p.500 "Young Goodman Brown"p.526
Supp. The Minister’s Black Veil"
"The Maypole of Merrymount"

Class 3
Sept. 10

Poe, "William Wilson,"

 "Tell Tale Heart"
Supp. "The Purloined Letter," p.1181

Class 4 Sept. 15th Bibb, "Conjuration,"
Frederick Douglass

"Cowardice Departed, Bold Defiance Took Its Place"
Supp. "Chopin, "Desiree’s Baby," p.306 Craft Memoir, excerpt (reserve)

Class 5
Sept. 17

Gilman, "Yellow Wallpaper…"
Chopin, "A Respectable Woman,"
Supp Jewett, "A White Heron," P.647
Reserve: Showalter, THE FEMALE MALADY (Intro, And Chapter 6."Feminism And Hysteria) Dickinson poem, " "I cannot Dance" #326
Class 6
Sept. 22
Herman Melville, "Bartleby the Scrivener"p.898
Class 7
Sept. 24
Anderson, "Hands," p. 13,
Fitzgerald links
Fitzgerald, "Bernice Bobs Her Hair,"
Supp. Anderson, "The Egg,"p.6 "I Want to Know Why,"
further Anderson stories on
Class 8
Sept. 29
Fitzgerald, "Winter Dreams," "A Diamond as Big as the Ritz."
Supp. "The Ice Palace,"

Class 9
Oct. 1st

Hemingway, "A Clean Well-Lighted Place," "Cat in the Rain"
Hemingway Links

Class 10
Hemingway "The Killers," "Hills like White Elephants," Links
"Big Two Hearted River, parts 1 & 2p.543,549
Class 11
Hughes, "The Slave on the Block" (reserve)
Hurston. "’Member Youse is a Nigger," 'member yousea nigger
Supp. Hurston, "The Gilded Six-Bits," ""Sweat," p.575
Chestnutt, "The Sheriff’s Children,"
Class 12

O’Connor, "Everything that Rises Must Converge," p.1064
Good Country People," p.1076
Class 13
Oct. 15
O’Connor, "A Good Man is Hard to Find"p.1091
"The Life You Save May Be Your Own" p.1103
Other O’Connor Stories, "Parker’s Back," "Revelation"

Class 14
Updike, "Separating," p. 1260
"The A& P,"
Supp. Wife-wooing," p. 1268
Class 15
Cheever, "The Wrysons," (reserve)
"The Enormous Radio," p.243
"The Five Forty-Eight" p.251
other Cheever, " "The Lowboy," "The Country Husband,"

Class 16
Baldwin, "Sonny’s Blues,"p.71
Supp. Wright, "The Black Good Man," p.1385
"The Man Who was Almost a man" p. 1385
Alice Walker, "1955"p.625
Bambara, "Raymond’s Run," p.46

Class 17 Nov.3rd Roth, "The Conversion of the Jews,"
Malamud, "The Magic barrel,"
supp. Ozick,"The Shawl,"p.516
supp. Sherman Alexie, "This is What it Means…" p.21
Class 18 Nov.5

O’Brien, "The Things They Carried," p.501
Leavitt, "Territory," p.411
Supp. Canin, "The Year of Getting to Know Us" p.193

Class 19 Nov.10 Carver, "Cathedral," p.182
"What We Talk About…"(reserve)
Supp. "Errand," "The Neighbors," "Popular Mechanics," "Vitamins"

Class 20 Nov.12

Carver continued  

plus "What’s in Alaska," (reserve)
Supp. Joy Williams, "Taking Care," p.659 Vaughn, "Able, baker, Charlie, Dog," p.612

Class 21 Nov.17

Erdrich, "Saint Marie,"p.276
Bloom, "Silver Water," p.159
Supp. Baxter, "Gryphon" p.131
Sherman Alexie, "This is What it Means…" p.21

Class 22 Nov.19 Banks, "Sarah Cole: a Type of Love Story," p.53
Kincaid, "Girl," p.409

CLASS 23. Nov.24th Oates," "How I Contemplated the World…" p. 1037
Supp. Oates, "Shopping," p.1049 "Ghost Girls," p.488
Braverman, "Tall tales from the Meikong Delta," p.167<
Class 24
Paley, "A Conversation with my Father," p.1147
Barthelme, "Me and Miss Mandible,"
Supp. Paley, "The Loudest Voice,"p.1151, Barthelme, "Basil in the garden," p.101

Class 25
Barth, "Lost in the Funhouse," 308/
Websites for stories include:
Expectations: I direct the class as a discussion group, a community of learners, so students are expected to prepare the poems before coming to class, including bringing questions to stimulate interchange among students. Always bring your texts to class (print outs too): we'll refer to them all the time. Class discussion counts as part of class grade. Students are expected to attend and contribute to all classes; you'll be permitted two unexcused absences during a semester.

Requirements: You'll write two 6-7 page papers comparing and contrasting two stories by the above authors (NOT discussed in class), and one final take-home synthesizing paper. Each of these papers will count 25% of your grade. Students will be allowed one extension if they give at least 48 hours advance notice. Unexcused late papers will be penalized. I will not accept any papers after the last day of class.

Additionally, every Monday by 9 A.M. students will write a paragraph on our class forum, responding to a question that will create a dialogue and help structure thinking about stories under discussion. Students should respond to one another, argue, quote freely from texts; if you respond early you might check the forums to see if you want to supplement your earlier responses. The responses will not be graded individually, but collectively will be worth 25% of your grade. If you miss more than one forum response, your grade will suffer. If your early responses don’t respond sufficiently with specificity to the text, I will probably email you with advice or ask you to come in for conference so I can help. Late responses, because the work will have been discussed in class, cannot be counted.

make sure you log off the thread when you’re finished so someone else can enter the dialogue.

For those of you steeped in theory, you can substitute one longer 12-15 page paper for the shorter ones: for such an ambitious project, I will want to see a thesis paragraph well in advance of the due date.

This syllabus is a course plan, but inevitably, as issues are raised in class, and as time grows short, assignments will change; if you miss class discussion, check with other class members about potential changes.