First, a list of my scientific publications:

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  83. p-adic Numbers: An Introduction, 3rd edition. Springer, June 2020.

  84. Over 400 book reviews for MAA Reviews, the online book review service of the Mathematical Association of America. These range from short notices to detailed reviews.

  85. Kurt Hensel on Common Inessential Discriminant Divisors, 1894. Fernando Q. Gouvêa and Jonathan Webster, Summer 2021. arXiv:2108.05327.

  86. Dedekind on Higher Congruences and Index Divisors, 1871 and 1878. Fernando Q. Gouvêa and Jonathan Webster, Summer 2021. arXiv:2107.08905.

  87. A Short Book on Long Sums. Preliminary notes on infinite series for calculus students, January 2021.

I’ve also published a few other things...

  1. Many reviews of books related in some way to mathematics, most of them in either MAA Reviews. I’ve listed other reviews above, but the MAA ones are too many to list here.

  2. The liner notes for the video/DVD of Fermat’s Last Tango, a musical play about the proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem. I was a consultant for the authors while they were writing the play, and ended up writing most of the booklet that comes with the video/DVD which is distributed by the Clay Mathematics Institute.

  3. I was one of the “steering advisors” for Mathematics Illuminated, a series of videos and other resources for mathematics teachers and others interested in mathematics.

  4. Many reviews of science fiction and fantasy literature, appearing in Science Fiction Review, Fantasy Review, and The New York Review of Science Fiction, among others. These were mostly some time ago, when I had more free time.

  5. Five short articles in The Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, ed. by Walter Elwell, Baker Book House, 1984.

  6. One trimester of curriculum material for Sunday School, Presbyterian Church of Brazil.

  7. Software Reviews:

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