D. Whitney King

Frank and Theodora Miselis Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Colby College, Waterville, Maine

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King’s Contact Information:

  1. D. Whitney King

  2. Miselis Professor of Chemistry

  3. 5755 Mayflower Hill

  4. Department of Chemistry

  5. Colby College

  6. Waterville, Maine 04901-5755

    email: dwking@colby.edu

    Phone:    +207-859-5755 (O)

                    +207-859-5760 (F)

                    +207-873-6154 (H)

                    +207-649-9874 (C)

Administrative Assistant:

    Amy Poulin

    5750 Mayflower Hill

    Department of Chemistry

    Colby College

    Waterville, Maine 04901-5750


    email: ampoulin@colby.edu

    Phone:    +207-859-5750 (O)

                    +207-859-5760 (F)