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Verbs that Change Meaning in the Preterite

Select a verb in the preterite or the imperfect to complete the meaning of the sentence.

Review a summary of verbs with irregular meanings in the preterite.

1. The kids wanted to surf the Internet.
Los niños navegar la red.
2. Someone found out my password.
Alguien mi contraseña.
3. You used to have a blue iMac.
un iMac azul.
4. I met him on the Internet 2 days ago.
Yo lo en Internet hace dos días.
5. The hackers did not succeed in opening the file.
Los piratas abrir el archivo.
6. My teacher used to have over 700 bookmarks.
Mi profesor más de 700 marcas.
7. I got an attachment with the "I Love You" virus.
Yo un anexo con el "virus de amor."
8. He was able (if he needed) to make a back-up copy.
Él hacer una copia de seguridad.
9.She tried to get into the chat room.
Ella entrar en la sala de charla.
10. You and I finally managed to learn HTML.
Por fin tú y yo aprender HTML.
11. My friends wanted to download the game.
Mis amigos descargar el juego.
12. They knew that Spanish search engine well.
Ellos ese buscador español bien.
13. That web site received an award.
Ese sitio web un premio.
14. I did not know Bill Gates.
Yo no a Bill Gates.