Verbos conjugados como gustar
Verbs Conjugated like Gustar

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Complete the sentence with a verb similar to the GUSTAR construction and the correct indirect object pronoun. Check the list for help with verb translations.

caer mal to make a bad impression
cansar to tire
convenir to suit/be good for
doler to hurt
encantar to love/be delighted by
fascinar to be fascinated by
faltar to lack

hacer gracia to amuse
interesar to be interestedmolestar to be bothered by
parecer to seem
preocupar to worry
quedar to remain/be left
repugnar to disgust

1. Claudia loves bargains.
A Claudia las gangas.

2. Are you (fam.) interested in hitchhiking?
¿A ti hacer autostop?

3. The doctor worries about my cholesterol.
Al médico mi colésterol.

4. His jokes disgust us.
A nosotros sus chistes.

5. The puppy seems cute to the children.
A los niños mono el perrito.

6. Pollen bothers them.
A ellas el polén.

7. I need energy.
A mí energía.

8. ¿Do you (pl.) have any checks left?
A Uds. unos cheques?

9. Your excuses make a bad impression on us.
A nosotros tus excusas.

10. Long lines irritate her.
A ella las colas largas.

11. Felipe's thumb hurts.
A Felipe el dedo gordo.

12. Your girlfriend is fascinated by game shows.
A tu novia los concursos.

13. ¿ Does exercise tire you (pl)?
A Uds. el ejercicio?

14. Everyone is amused by the trick.
A todos el truco.

15. It doesn't suit him to help me now.
No ayudarme ahora.