Current Research Projects


Patterns of spring arrivals of Maine migratory breeding birds. Since 1994, I have been coordinating a volunteer effort across the state to record the phenology of spring bird arrivals.




Red-eyed Vireo vocalizations. We are examining repertoire size, patterns of sequences of songs and the extent of song sharing in these vireos in the Perkins Arboretum, Colby College.






Northern Waterthrush vocalizations. A male waterthrush usually sings a single song type. We are analyzing the differences in spectrograms between neighbords and between distantly located birds in the state of Maine.







Maine Butterfly Survey (MBS). I am one of the four coordinators of the MBS, a five-year atlassing project to document the distribution and abundance of butterflies and skippers across the state of Maine. The survey was begun in the summer of 2007. For more information, visit the MBS website.



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