Courses Taught by Herb Wilson


Evolution and Diversity (BI164) The second in our two-course introductory sequence for Biology majors, this course covers Mendelian genetics, population genetics, natural selection, microevolution and macroevolution, biogeography and a survey of the major taxa of living organisms
Marine Invertebrate Zoology (BI254) This class surveys most of the phyla of marine invertebrates with an emphasis on morphology, reproduction and taxonomy
Winter Ecology (BI257J) This class covers the various adaptations plants and animals have evolved to survive the northern New England winter.
Ornithology (BI334) A broad survey of the biology of birds including their evolutionary history, morphology, physiology, flight mechanics, vocalizations, social behavior, courtship, nesting, life histories and phylogeny. The laboratory emphasizes visual and auditory identication of Maine birds.
Marine Ecology (BI354) This class is a discussion-based course emphazing benthic marine ecology. The course involves extensive readings from the primary literature.