GE141 Earth and Environment, Spring, 2014

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The geosciences encompass the study of the Earth, its formation, its history, the processes that continue to shape it today, and our interaction with it. In my opinion, an introductory level geoscience course should help you learn: (1) How Earth processes operate, how they shape the environment we live in, and how they can affect people and; (2) where Earth resources come from, the impacts of using these resources, and how we can reduce these impacts. In addition to these two primary goals this course also seeks to improve your critical-thinking and data-analysis skills.


Dr. W. A. Sullivan
Office: Mudd 206

Office hours: open-door policy
Office phone: 859-5803

Syllabus [PDF] and lab syllabus [PDF]

Home buyer's project

Expectations [PDF]

HB project 1, Swelling soils [PDF]

HB project 2, Mass wasting [PDF]

HB project 3, Radon [PDF]

HB project 4, Flooding [PDF]

Study guides

Note: These are preliminary and based on the last time the instructor taught this course. There may be significant changes to the material on study guides leading up to the exams. Final, updated study guides will be posted one week prior to each exam.

Geologic time scale [PDF]

Exam I [PDF]

Exam II [PDF]

Exam III [PDF]

Geology resources on the web

Steve Reynold's website: Contains tons of cool 3-D animations

GeoMapApp: Super-cool mapping freeware

Google Earth: A very powerful geology tool

USGS earthquakes site: Lots of info about recent earthquakes and seismic hazards

USGS volcanos site: Lots of info about volcanic hazards

FEMA Map Service Center: Source for flood insurance maps

USGS state geologic map site: Source for state geologic maps

Maine Geological Survey publications search: Search for detailed geologic maps

Maine Geological Survey digital data: Source for detailed geologic maps of Maine

Geology of Mount Desert Island: A Visitor's Guide to the Geology of Acadia National Park

NOAA Temperature and Precipitation Records: Source for detailed temperature and precipitation records for the entire United States

Lecture materials

Course Introduction [PPT]

Scientific Method [PPT]

The early Earth [PPT]

Plate tectonics [PPT]

Minerals [PPT]

Igneous rocks [PPT]

Volcanos and volcanism [PPT]

Weathering and soils [PPT]

Sedimentary processes and sedimentary rocks [PPT]

Metamorphism and metamorphic rocks [PPT]

Geologic time [PPT] Das Rad film

Folds, faults, and mountain belts [PPT]

Earthquakes [PPT]

Rivers and floods [PPT]

Ground water [PPT]

Glaciers and ice ages [PPT]

Earth resources [PPT]

Coastal processes [PPT]

Flash animations from lecture [Folder]