We Begin in Morpeth

     The first chapter of our family history takes us to Morpeth. On the first "Genealogy" page you will find links to some early history of our family in Morpeth and some photographs (taken by Trevor and Megan) of places associated with that Longstaff history. We have also very tentatively identified Jane Reay's parents as James Reay and Grace Stafford. Thomas Willis' parents were John Willis and Elizabeth Bigley and his grandparents as George Willis and Margaret Bigley.

Thomas Longstaff
& Jane Reay (a.k.a. Reed/Reah)
Thomas Willis
& Dorothy Nicholson
   Their children are:
     Their children are:
  Mary Longstaff, born 22 Jan 1809     John Willis, born 9 Mar 1810
  John Longstaff, born 3/18/1811     Thomas Willis, born 26 May 1811
        James Willis, born 1813
  James Longstaff, born 5/10/1812
  Margaret Willis, born 1814
  Jane Longstaff, born 1814     Dorothy Willis, born 1816
  George Longstaff, born 1820
     [who married Jane Johnston]
    Jane Willis, born 1817
        Thomas Willis, born 1819 
  Thomas Longstaff, born 1821
     [who married Jane Brady]
    William Willis, born 1822
  William Longstaff, born 8 Jun 1823
     [who married Euphemia McDougal]
  Thomas Willis, born 1823 
  Mark Longstaff, born 3 Jul 1825
     [who married Mary Gibson]
  Walter Willis, born 1826
  Grace Longstaff, born 1827      
  Margaret Longstaff, born Abt. 1829      

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