Longstaffs (and variants thereof) appearing in the Durham City Parish Registry

Many thanks to Trevor and Megan who have spent hours working through the Durham City Parish Registry in search of Longstaffs listed there. They are willing to share the results of their labors with others interested in our Longstaff family history and genealogy. In that spirit, please let us know if you have information to add.


1568 15 Apr Baptism St Oswald Chuthbert Langstafe
1572 30 Oct Marriage St Oswald Richard Langstufe & Issebell Bullman
1577 20 Oct Baptism St Oswald Miles Langstafe
1579 24 Feb Baptism St Oswald Christopher Longstaffe
1582 10 Mar Baptism St Oswald Rychard, s. of Rychard Longstaff
1585 31 Oct Baptism St Oswald Thomas Longstaffe
1587 14 Dec Burial St Oswald Thomas Longestaffe
1604 8 May Marriage St Mary le Bow John Simpson & Janet Longstaff
1642 5 Nov Marriage St Giles William Lambe of Hestleton & Dorothy Langstaff
1669 11 Nov Marriage Cathedral William Wright & Elizabeth Langstaffe
1677 23 Apr Marriage St Giles John Allinson & Margery Loungstaff
1678 12 Mar Marriage St Margaret Bethuel Langestuffe & Ann Hudsone
1680 31 Jan Baptism St Giles Sayell?, d. of Thomas Loungstafe
1680 20 Apr Marriage St Giles Thomas Loungstaff & Issabell Grenson
1686 4 Mar Baptism St Giles Anthony, s. of Thomas Loungstafe
1688 17 Jan Baptism St Giles Abraham, s. of Thomas Loungstafe
1690 11 May Baptism St Giles James, s. of Thomas Loungstafe
1693 18 Jul Marriage St Oswald William Gowland of the parish of Stranton & Isabell Langstaffe of the parish of Billingham
1704 10 Aug Marriage St Giles John Fisher & Margery Langstaff of Staindrop
1710 21 Sep Burial Cathedral Jane Langstaff, servant to Mdm Ann Bowes in the College
1713 1 Aug Marriage Cathedral Henry Langstaffe of Aukland St Helen & Elizabeth Sedgwick of Staindrop
1713 1 Aug Marriage Cathedral Jeremiah Langstaffe of Romaldkirk & Anne Morresbye of Newcastle St John
1721 18 Oct Marriage Cathedral Anthony Taylor & Elizabeth Langstaffe, of Witton Gilbert
1728 16 Feb Marriage St Mary in the South Joseph Newton of St Oswald's & Anne Langstaffe of Lanchester
1730 3 May Marriage St Nicholas Robert Langstaffe & Mary Brown
1731 16 May Baptism St Oswald Robert, s. of Robert Langstaffe, labourer
1732 22 Oct Baptism St Margaret Christopher, s. of Robert Longstaff
1735 1 Jan Baptism St Margaret Thomas, s. of Robert & Mary Longstaff
1737 22 Nov Burial St Margaret Thomas, s. of Robert Longstaff
1738 1 Oct Baptism St Margaret John, s. of Robert & Mary Longstaff
1739 23 Nov Burial St Margaret Robert, s. of Robert & Mary Longstaff
1740 17 Feb Burial St Margaret Thomas, s. of Robert & Mary Longstaff
1740 4 Aug Marriage St Oswald Thomas Robson of Romald Church & Catherine Langstaff
1747 13 Feb Marriage Cathedral George Langstaffe of Bishop Aukland & Mary Shotton
1750 15 Jan Burial St Margaret Robert Longstaff
1761 31 Jul Marriage St Nicholas Richard Langstaff of Sunderland & Deborah Plumpton
1767 26 Feb Marriage St Nicholas Rev William Longstaff of Sedgefield & Mary Hilton
1767 22 Mar Baptism St Nicholas James, s. of Richard Langstaff
1777 7 Jun Marriage St Nicholas George Longstaff & Mary Oliver
1783 21 Sep Marriage St Nicholas William Langstaff & Ann Bell
1791 15 Aug Burial St Margaret Elizabeth, wife of George Longstaff, a pauper
1794 8 Jun Baptism St Margaret William, b. 13 May, s. of Robert & Mary Longstaff
1794 28 Dec Baptism St Margaret William, b. 22 Nov, s. of Thomas & Jane Longstaff
1795 22 Nov Marriage St Margaret John Longstaff of Bishop Middleham & Hannah Johnson
1796 9 Apr Marriage St Giles William Longstaff of Houghton le Spring & Hannah Fenwick
1796 30 May Baptism St Giles William, illegitimate s. of William Langstaff & Deborah Hall
1796 31 Jul Baptism St Margaret William, b. 15 Jun, s. of John & Hannah Longstaff
1797 8 Jul Marriage St Nicholas John Hunter & Jane Longstaff
1798 1 Jul Baptism St Margaret John, b. 26 Mar, s. of John Longstaff, husbandman of South C???? bhw Hannah Johnson
1799 26 Mar Burial St Margaret Thomas, aged 15, s. of Thomas Longstaff, weaver, & his wife Ruth, late Harrison
1803 25 Jun Marriage St Margaret William Ronalds & Elizabeth Longstaff
1814 4 Sep Marriage St Oswald William Longstaff & Isabella Avery
1817 18 Feb Marriage St Oswald William Longstaff & Dinah Blenk
1826 31 Jan Marriage St Margaret Roger Whitfield & Mary Longstaff
1837 28 May Marriage St Nicholas John Longstaff & Frances Moor