FALL 2004


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Office hours: M-W-F: 9:30-11:00 am
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Samuel C. Florman, The Existential Pleasures of Engineering

Morton Winston and Ralph Edelbach, Society, Ethics, and Technology, 2E (W&E)

Witold Rybczynski, City Life

Virginia Postrel, The Substance of Style  

Other assigned materials will be put on reserve (R)

NOTE:  You are expected to attend every class, to come prepared each day to discuss the readings, to work diligently on class presentations, and to read and respond to class e-­mail. (You will need an active Colby e‑mail account and to check it at least three times each week.) After the permitted two absences, there will be a penalty for missing additional classes without previously having received permission. Class participation and presentations (25%), the exam and final (50%), and the individual essay (25%) will determine your semester grade. The beginning of the semester is a good time to review the College academic honesty policies.  See

Cloning link: Science and Ethical Implications of Human Cloning

Exam 1:  Download