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ES118:  Environment and Society
ES212: Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing
ES233: Environental Policy
ES336:  Endangered Species Policy and Practice
ES493:  Environmental Policy Practicum
Course Projects
State of Maine:  An Environmental Assessment
Atlas of Maine

Course Summary

ES493: Environmental Policy Practicum is an in-depth analysis of current issues and policies affecting the environment. Students work individually and collaboratively on a project with a common theme and are assigned unique roles as researchers, editors, and technical coordinators. Reading and discussion of primary literature is augmented with invited speakers, field trips, and student presentations. Prerequisite: Senior standing as an environmental studies major with a policy concentration. Four credit hours.

State of Maine: An Environmental Assessment (select year)

Course Information

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Course Readings

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Field Trips!
Fall 2005 students in ES493 explored the the future of Maine's North Woods. We flew over northern Maine to get a broad view of areas potentially affected by proposed development as well as areas that had been proposed in the past as possible area for North Woods National Park. Students also participated in field trips to Moosehead Lake, Baxter State Park, and Acadia National Park. The following are a few photos of the flight:

Field Trip to Greenville/Moosehead Lake and Baxter State Park

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Students complete semester-long research projects. To view selected examples from past years select one of the following links:

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