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ES118:  Environment and Society
ES212: Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing
ES233: Environental Policy
ES336:  Endangered Species Policy and Practice
ES493:  Environmental Policy Practicum
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State of Maine:  An Environmental Assessment
Atlas of Maine

Course Summary

336:  Endangered Species Policy and Practice. Political, social, economic, and cultural issues in the conservation and management of endangered species. Topics include ecosystem management, laws and institutions, human-wildlife conflict, attitudes and ethics, community-based conservation, and complexity. Case studies and interdisciplinary methods and approaches used to conserve endangered species are introduced. Prerequisite: Environmental Studies 118 or Biology 271

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This course is currently not offered on a regular basis
Philip Nyhus, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies Program, Colby College 5358 Mayflower Hill, Waterville, Maine, 04901 USA
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