Pulling your reader through the Web

Viola's Soliloquy

Webbrowser progam features like Netscape's client pull, used in Clay Shirky's essay, keep the reader locked into a sequence of screens. In effect, client pull provides an inescapable slide show; once a reader clicks on the icons to the left or below, he or she is pulled through a series of screens until the "show" is over. Fair warning: these shows take a bit of time, and they will only work in Netscape. On the final screen I explain why I have given you the series.

Just to show how this mechanism works briefly, I have an excerpt from Hamlet (about 30 seconds, three screens). The slideshow is potentially useful for arguments which include historical sequences. For example, this technique would be useful in displaying the complex substitutions and revisions which undergird our acceptance of specific textual revisions and analysis of Viola's soliloquy. Or you can go back to the solutions or the problems.

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