A listing of new pages, updated as they are added

April 5, 2000

Powder and Patch (1930--second printing)

Devil's Cub (Heinemann 1932 -- second printing)

Merely Murder (Double Day 1935)

Friday's Child (Putnam 1946)


New as of January 12, 2000:

First the new Pan editions:


The Talisman Ring

These Old Shades

And two more interesting hardcovers

Simon the Coldheart (1951) but I think it is the original cover art


These Old Shades (Small and Maynard, 1929), no DJ, but a cool embossed sword on the front!

And for FUN:

Skandal Im BallSaal (or Sylvester in German!! (1970))

November 4, 1999

Lots of new stuff today! First off a new British First edition--GORGEOUS!!!

Royal Escape (1938)

A new piece of miscellany:

Intrigui al castello--The Quiet Gentleman (Italian)

 A whole new section:

Book Club editions

And the new pages therein:

A small list of American Book Club Editions--I think the images on these are really neat.

Bath Tangle (US Book of the Month 1992)

Powder and Patch (US Book of the Month 1992)

These Old Shades (US Book of the Month 1992)

The Foundling (US Book of the Month 1992)