Intervening in Hamlet's Encounter with the Ghost

For example, I could also use Hamlet's gesture to the left to illustrate how the ghost's presence disrupts Hamlet's language literally in this scene by interpolating the lines which indicate his distress around this image. Equally, since the ghost disrupts Hamlet's speeches even more during the closet scene, I could edit the image, dressing the ghost in his nightgown, so that I could echo the earlier encounter in Hamlet's disrupted speeches in the closet scene. Such echoes appear in films like Olivier's and Richardson's and reinforce the insight offered in this picture--Hamlet's textual isolation and linguistic disruption because of his liminal encounter with the ghost of his father.

Another more appropriate example of crosspage images occurs in Romeo and Juliet in this same collection, but the image is still larger to download. I have even attempted a different version of such crosscutting in my brief discussion of Othello.

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