A Fork in the Road

At this point in Osborne's Home Page, you need to make a serious choice. Which way do you want to go?

SAA Essay on HyperCriticism:

An essay on the web which considers the implications of writing critically about Shakespeare in hyperspace. There are several layers of argument, including evaluations of possible essay forms and other goodies--like a section of the argument about illustrated texts. I give examples of how 19th century techniques of illustrating Shakespeare's texts could help us consider how to illustrate critical arguments meaningfully and flexibly. The etchings include characters from Cleopatra to Othello; the scenes represent plays ranging from Twelfth Night to Hamlet. Enjoy.

Composition On-Line:

Various resources and assignments for English 115, spring 1996. The web includes the course philosophy, several necessary on-line essays, and an array of home page links. Materials crucial to the course will be added as necessary.

Resources for Shakespeare (and Milton) Students:

These are websites which pertain to Shakespeare and could be of use or interest to students in my Shakespeare classes. I include a link to the Voice of the Shuttle Renaissance page which lists many current literary resources for the Renaissance and Shakespeare on the Web. And I have an image of the Shakespeare portrait from the edition for which Milton wrote "On Shakespeare."

Hyperessay in Progress on 19th Century Illustrations and Engravings:

This essay, still under construction, explores how three separate nineteenth-century illustrated collections of Shakespeare's works used engravings to supplement the Shakespearean text and what a "web reading" can offer to analysis of those three texts. I have started with Twelfth Night.

Soon I hope to include sequences of illustrations for particular plays, act by act and scene by scene.

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