“There’s quite a story here. Ms. Boylan tells it with disarming humor and a sharp eye…What the author accomplishes, most entertainingly, is to draw the reader into extremely strange circumstances as if they were utterly normal…”She’s Not There’, the “Running With Scissors” of sex-change stories, brings irreverence and a merrily outrageous sense of humor to this potentially serious business. …tender as well as funny.”
    --Janet Maslin, The New York Times

     "Probably no book I've read in recent years has made me so question my basic assumptions about both the centrality and the permeability of gender, and made me recognize myself in a situation I've never known and have never faced......The universality of the astonishingly uncommon: that's the trick of "She's Not There." And with laughs, too. What a good book."

  --Anna Quindlen, from the introduction to the Book of the Month Club edition.

     "Beautifully crafted, fearless, painfully honest, inspiring and extremely witty. Jennifer Finney Boylan is an exquisite writer with a fascinating story and this combination has resulted in one of the most remarkable, moving and unforgettable memoirs in recent history."

  --Augusten Burroughs, author of Running With Scissors and Dry.

     "In addition to being a complete delight, this book should make us all question what we means when we use the words love, marriage, and friendship. Jennifer Finney Boylan is a great gift to womanhood.

  --Haven Kimmel, author of A Girl Named Zippy.

     "What I was witnessing, I realized, was a great love story....As I watched the tableau before me, it was hard to ignore the possibility that this prayer had been answered, ironically, of course, the way our prayers are all too often answered, the result perhaps of our not understanding what to ask for, or how to ask for it. And it occurred to me too, that if this was a great love story, I had no idea where we were on its time line. For all I knew we might be nearer its beginning than its end.

  --Richard Russo, from the afterword, "Imagining Jenny."
     "Honest and humorous...her quest for identity gets to the heart of what it means to love and be loved."
    --Lifetime magazine
     "Jenny Boylan’s delightful memoir…is a serendipitous coming together of reader, writer, and book on an almost visceral level…. There is a kind of “click”, an emotional engagement that enriches the whole undertaking and makes a reader feel somehow privileged…. Boylan is a gifted storyteller… sustained by zany humor, a fine sense of the absurd, and an optimism that seems to defy all odds."
    --St. Louis Dispatch
     "Boylan’s book depicts her journey as a positive experience that took courage and perseverance."
    --Portland Press Herald
     "Intelligent and funny… Boylan has a gift for transporting the reader, even ine how has never felt this particular sort of gender-claustrophobia…true and courageous"
    --Seattle Times
     "Poignant yet often comical… a remarkable story that straddles the seam between humor and tragedy."
    --Associated Press
     "A new woman.. Jennifer Boylan shares her irreverent journey from male to female. Does she miss being a man? ‘I miss pockets,’’ she says."
     "Boylan’s new book, “She’s Not There,” is a very funny memoir of growing up confused and a very smart consideration of what it means to be a woman…It’s about becoming who you really are… But it is also about now good people can be…. What Boylan’s book represents is something deeper and more important than tolerance. The way in which people [reacted] represents the best of human behavior."
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