Prop Replica of a Civil War Field Table
(for The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis)
Only the legs were turned on the ShopBot (using the indexer). The rest of the table was made with other tools.
Alternate view of finished product. The paint scheme and aging were intended to match the existing chair. Bonus: the head of the gavel was also 'Botted by one of my students.

Long shot, showing its placement in the set: a court room in modern day Purgatory.

Close up of the legs. Each leg was made of four pieces of 1x stock, laminated around a 2x stock core, and pre-trimmed to 2-1/2" square. Turning took roughly 45 minutes per leg (including time for bit changes).
Detail of aging on legs. After painting everything black, edges were unevenly sanded and then a stain wash was applied to match the hue of similar wear on the pre-existing chair. Lastly, a 50/50 coat of acrylic gloss/water was applied.
Detail of aging as it appeared on the table top, which was made from a sub-layer of 3/4" AC plywood and veneer of 1/4" lauan with a 1x stock trim.
A prototype leg was also created to answer the designer's question, "Can you make this on the ShopBot?". Here, it is being rough cut to save wear on the more expensive finishing bit used to carve the final curves.


All photos and text are courtesy of John D. Ervin