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Welcome to The World's Most Unnecessary Web Site™!

If you've stumbled across these pages in search of free game software, I humbly apologize. You're in the wrong place. You won't find any live web cams, top 100 lists, RSS feeds, or online polls. Not even a picture of my cat sleeping on a ukelele. Little dancing aliens and sketchy mortgage ads?.....Right out. In fact, this site is the nearest thing there is to a dead end street along the information superhighway. It's one saving grace is that there's no

blogging whatsoever. That's because I choose to use the Internet as something other than a global, interactive "Java Pac-Man". Mostly, this is a functional site used to aid my theatrical design, production, and teaching activities and is no more enchanting to me than any other non-computerized tool in my arsenal (I still own and use a pencil). If you aren't impressed by any of this...that's not really my problem.

Who the heck do I think I am?

Bio (in prose) for use in program copy, etc.

JOHN D. ERVIN - Design and Technical Direction experiences include scenery for The Public Theatre in Lewiston, Maine and six seasons as Technical Director, Scenery, Lighting, and/or Sound Designer for The Theater At Monmouth. Elsewhere, John's designs and technical direction have been seen at The Wayside Theatre (Virginia), The Harbor Playhouse (Texas), Studio 'Y' Players (Philadelphia) and many other theaters in the Central New Jersey/Pennsylvania areas. He is currently the resident Technical Director for Theater & Dance at Colby College. In addition to having a diverse theatrical background, Mr. Ervin has also enjoyed a wide range of other successful experiences such as a state championship in high school cross country, and singing in the North American premiere of Penderecki's Magnificat at Carnegie Hall. Hobbies and pastimes include baseball, bicycling, and model railroading. John is a direct descendent of George Soule, a passenger on the Mayflower in 1620, who is no doubt rolling in his grave at the thought that his Pilgrim lineage now includes a theater artist.

Oh... and just in case you're stalking me...

Here's my resumé; or if you're a stickler for academic nomenclature, I'll refer to it as my curiculum vitae.



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