Ugly Ducklings
By Carolyn Gage

Creative Team
Executive Producer: Lauren Sterling, Greater
Waterville's Communities for Children and Youth
Co-Producer: Lyn Mikel Brown, Hardy Girls Healthy
Women and "Girl Fighting" Specialist/Scholar
Co-Producer: Karen Heck, Hardy Girls Healthy Women
Director of Educational Film: Fawn Yacker
Project Assistant: Megan Williams

Direction by Cathy Plourde
Assistant Direction by Chris Terrell
Costume Design by Jodi Ozimek
Scenic and Light Design by Jim Thurston
Assistant Light Design by Kate Carroll
Sound Design by John D. Ervin
Technical Direction by John D. Ervin
Stage Management by Kate Carroll
Assistant Stage Management by Liz Berliner

September 15-17, 2005; Strider Theater,
Colby College, Waterville, Maine. September 23,
2005; Camden Opera House, Camden, Maine.

Set Photograph

Photograph of the final set (a camp on a lake in Maine)
by Jim Thurston.

Visual Research from Maine

Set Photos
Set Photos
Ground Plan
Ground Plan
Model Photographs
Concept Sketch
Concept Sketch
Model Pictures
Production Model

Produced by Hardy Girls Healthy Women, Greater Waterville's Communities for Children and Youth
and the Colby College Department of Theater and Dance.

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