World premiere of The Mother
By Lynne Conner

Nolan Ellsworth
Mary Fraser
Robbie Harrison
Abigail Killeen
Michela Micalizio
David Pence
Molly W. Bryant Roberts

Production Staff
Producer: Keith Powell Beyland
Direction: Lisa Muller-Jones
Production Coordination: Meg Lydon
Light Design: Michaela Wirth
Costume Design: Christine Nilles
Scenic Design: Jim Thurston
Sound Design: Matt Kennedy
Prop Design: Johnny Speckman
Production Management: Marjorie Gallant and Shane Van Vliet

March 6-15, 2020 at the Studio Theater, Portland Stage, Portland, Maine

Produced by the Dramatic Repertory Company in Portland, Maine

Review by the Portland Press Herald

Production Photo
Nolan Ellsworth in the Dramatic Repertory Company
production of The Mother by photographer
Katie Day

Current Research: "Innovation and Aesthetic Change in Scenography for
Contemporary Performance"

The digital age continues to revolutionize technology used in rendering more abstract scenographic visions. This intense technological change in turn radically reshapes performance possibility and, ultimately, the aesthetic used in creating theater, dance, and devised and hybrid performance. This aesthetic change is at the core of my research. How is the collaborative relationship changing between directors, choreographers, designers and performers? How is process, including scenographic process, altering the way these artists conceive of new work? What scenographic potential is now in the hands of the performer?

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