Colby On Tour: We Don't Have an Algorithm for This
An original, devised theater-dance performance work by Annie Kloppenberg

Producer: Kerill O'Neill, Director of the Center for the Arts and Humanities
Producer: Jim Thurston, Chair of the Department of Theater and Dance
Assistant Producer: Megan Fossa
Assistant Producer: Shannon Hodgdon

Direction/Choreography: Annie Kloppenberg
Julia Borges'18, Kathryn Butler'17, Olivia Gould'16, Emery Lawrence'17, Brendan Leonard'16,
Jeannely Lopez'16, Nick Pattison'18, Molly Plunkett'18, and Lucey Soucek'18
Costume Design: Christine Nilles
Light Design: Timothy D. Cryan
Scenic Design: Jeannely Lopez'16
Technical Direction: John D. Ervin
Stage Management: Lily Fernald'17

Produced by the Colby College Department of Theater and Dance on January 29-30, 2016
at Danspace Project in New York City.

New Works Festival
A celebration of performance research in theater and dance

Artistic Direction: Lynne Conner
Producers: Students in TD261-New Works Practicum
Design Direction: Jim Thurston
Technical Direction: John D. Ervin
Costume Design: Christine Nilles
Light Design: Julia Borges'18
Light Design: Thomas Lue'16
Light Design: Nick Pattison'18
Scenic Design: Jim Thurston
Stage Management: Elisabeth Chee '16

April 21-23, 2016 at Strider Theater, Colby College, Waterville, Maine.

Produced by Colby College Department of Theater and Dance.

An original multimedia performance project by Christine Francis'16

Project Mentor: Bruce Maxwell, Chair of the Department of Computer Science
Project Mentor: Jim Thurston, Chair of the Department of Theater and Dance

Direction: Christine Francis'16
Lead Choreography: Kathryn Butler'17
Choreography: Ellie Geoghegan'18
Lead Programming: Thomas Lue'16
Design Direction: Katherine Kibler'16
Technical Direction: Kelsey Book'18
Costume Design: Elisabeth Chee'16
Light Design: Zach Schutzman'16
Assistant Light Design: Jay Huskins'19
Sound Design: Jos Lutian'18
Graphic Design: Meghan Fawcett'16
Stage Management: Katie Monteleone '18
Assistant Stage Management: Dylan Shaw'19

Devolution is inspired by the deconstruction of children's fairy tales into their core elements to evolve them into new and original work through the use of music, light, projection, and dance. Each segment of the performance work will range in style from literal to abstract and from simple to complex. These segments provide a new approach to the stories many of us grew up on and plan to push the boundaries of space to emphasize elements such as shadow, light, color, and sound to create environments that focus on solitude, uniformity, and individuality. This digital media performance will merge the ideas of theater, dance, and technology to create a contemporary form of art that investigates new frontiers of performance.

This project is created and directed by Christine Francis, a Colby College senior majoring in Theater and Dance-Interdisciplinary Computation and Mathematical Sciences. Christine has been working on Devolution since February 2015 with the help of mentors in Computer Science and Theater and Dance and hopes that this production will inspire more students to create original work.

March 31; April 1-2, 2016 at Cellar Theater, Colby College, Waterville, Maine.

Produced by Colby College Department of Theater and Dance.

Current Research: "Innovation and Aesthetic Change in Scenography for
Contemporary Dance"

The digital age continues to revolutionize technology used in rendering more abstract scenographic visions. This intense technological change in turn radically reshapes choreographic possibility and, ultimately, the aesthetic used in creating dance. This aesthetic change is at the core of my research. How is the collaborative relationship changing between designers, choreographers, and performers? How is process, including scenographic process, altering the way these artists conceive of new work? What scenographic potential is now in the hands of the performer?

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