Instructor: Bruce Rueger
Office: Mudd 214       Phone: 859.5806
Geology 141 Lectures for Bruce Rueger

NOTE: GE 141 Lab Sections A, B, and C meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. in Mudd 218. GE 141 Lab Section D meets on Thursday morning from 8:30 to 11:30 in Mudd 218

1 14 Sept. Topographic Maps

Aerial Photographs and Stereoscopic Viewing

15 1
2 21 Sept. Tectonic Plate Movements and Boundaries 15 17
3 28 Sept. Common Economic Minerals 15 45
4 5 Oct. Waste Treatment Plant or Landfill Field Trip 15 handout
5 12 Oct.* Common Rock Forming Minerals 15 45
6 19 Oct.** Stratigraphy and Structure in Rocks 15 71
7 26 Oct. Belgrade Glacial Field Trip 15 95
8 2 Nov. Common Rock Types 15 113
9 9 Nov. Carrabassett Stream Field Trip 15 141
10 16 Nov. Sediment Sorting 15 157
11 30 Nov. Introduction to Earthquake Seismology Methods 15 175
  1 Dec. Laboratory Final Exam 100.0  
    Total points 265.0  

The lab final exam will be administered during each lab section during the last week of classes, prior to finals week. I will explain more about the lab final closer to that time.

The lab final exam will consist of: 30% rocks and minerals and 70% other lab materials.

* The week of October 12th includes Fall Break. Therefore, the Monday and Tuesday labs will not meet. However, the Wednesday (October 14) afternoon and Thursday (October 15) morning labs will meet as scheduled and will work on the Common Rock Forming Minerals exercise. This offset in labs will continue until the Monday and Tuesday sections catch prior to Thanksgiving Break.

** The week of October 19th, I will be attending the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America. Lab will meet during that time and you will work on the Stratigraphy and Structure exercise. The teaching assistants may be there to assist you or you can do it at your convenience, using the instructions provided in lab.

We have three field trips scheduled throughout the semester and you are expected to participate in them. They are designed to enhance and clarify the material presented in lecture and laboratory. Dress warmly for each of these and be prepared to go, regardless of weather conditions. If it is raining or worse, chances are that we will reschedule. Good hiking boots and long pants are recommended for all field trips. Busses for all field trips leave from the north side of the Mudd Building, between Mudd and Bixler. Field trips scheduled for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon sections will leave PROMPTLY at 1:00 p.m. and will return by 4:00 p.m. Field trips scheduled for the Thursday morning section will leave PROMPTLY at 8:30 am and will return by 11:30 am. If you miss the bus, getting to the site or making up the laboratory exercise is your own responsibility.


Each of you is enrolled in a particular lab section, and you are expected to attend that lab section. Permission to attend a lab section other than that in which you are enrolled must be obtained in advance. Permission will only be granted for significant reasons: participation in varsity athletic games, or meets (NOT practices), illness on the day of your regular lab, etc. Permission will NOT be granted for trivial reasons, including lack of planning, hangovers, exams or papers due the next day, necessity to catch a ride home for the weekend, skiing, etc. In general you can expect that I will grant permission for temporary lab changes for those reasons that are recognized as justifiable excuses for missing classes altogether. However, any labs to be made up must be done during another regularly scheduled lab period during the same week.

Lab exercises must be turned in at the end of each lab period, unless announced otherwise. Late labs will not be accepted unless permission is granted by the instructor in advance. Labs turned in late without permission obtained in advance will be returned ungraded and no credit will be given. It is in your best interest to attend lab and turn in the assignment for each lab session. Excused lab absences will be accepted only within seven calendar days (holidays and weekends included).

You cannot be urged too strongly to attend all field trips as they are scheduled, since these are by far the most difficult labs to make up. Any field trips you miss and wish to make up must be done on your own time and at your own expense. The one week time limit for excused absences applies to the field trips as well. To obtain full credit for labs and field trips attendance is mandatory.

Grading on labs will follow the format below:

= 15.0 points Lab well done, neatly presented, correct or accurate.

+ = 12.8 points Lab OK, some mistakes, possibly sloppy presentation.

= 10.5 points Lab completed with a number of mistakes, possibly incomplete or incomprehensible.

- = 9.0 points I recognize that you made an effort, but there's little here that indicates you understand what was going on.

Although this may appear to be a harsh, cut-and-dried approach, please understand that I am trying to lay out the ground rules in advance so you know what is expected and I won't have to make up rules as we go. At the same time, I am trying to avoid as much chaos as possible from my point of view; it is simply impossible to try to run a class with as many individual schedules as there are students. If any problems or questions arise please feel free to come and discuss them with me.

Finally, the bottom line -- to pass the laboratory part of the course you must satisfactorily complete all the lab exercises and earn a minimum grade of 60 % on the laboratory final. To pass the GE 141 you must pass both parts of the course, the lecture and the laboratory.